Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PAAET, City Streets, Souq & Mall

URGH! My suitcase is still missing and it's 7:00PM.

Today we visited the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), an educational institution established in 1982; this huge institution serves more than 30,000 students, two-thirds of them females, and it's built on the government's effort, beginning in the 1950s, to train workers so that the country could meet the demands of producing and exporting oil. PAAET's function is to supervise and coordinate various vocational training centers. It includes 4 colleges (specializing in Basic Education, Business Studies, Technological Studies and Health Sciences) and numerous institutes (specializing in Telecommunications and Navigation, Electricity and Water, and Industry).

We visited the Department of Chemical Engineering Technology and toured several of their modern labs.

Here are a few more photos, street scenes from Kuwait City.

The Souq
A few of us strolled through the heart of downtown's Souq Al Mubarakiya, one of the biggest traditional markets in Kuwait City. This open-air, high ceilinged-covered souq consists of labyrinthic passageways lined with stalls and shops (each specializing in some particular goods) where you can buy just about anything. There used to be about 20 interconnecting souqs, but many of them were destroyed during the war in 1990. My favorite is the gold souq where jewelry made of 21 or 22 carat gold can be found. Supposedly, this is a generally safe place to buy jewelry, since the price is determined by the per gram weight value of gold, and since the government inspects the shops.


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The Mall
There are malls everywhere. They're modern facilities with spacious walkways and attractive displays that you'd find in any major city. So far, I've spent time in two of them. I like Marina Mall in Salmiya, where we ate lunch yesterday; it's one of the largest in the city.

Of course, I had to take a picture of the Starbucks in this mall.

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