Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hola! I arrived in Miles City, MO

Hi everyone,

You know, spring break in April just wasn't long enough. Even though George and I vacationed on Maui with Terri and Nadia (check out the view from our balcony!), I worked and so I've accumulated way too much stress. I won't get to relax for a couple of weeks yet, but actually, this summer's adventure started today. We are at Scotty's in Montana. I leave early to gather myself before departing on a business trip to Kuwait. After a week in Kuwait, my vacation begins: I fly into Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, where I'll spend about a week exploring the country and reading literature by Tunisian Jewish women. I want to travel along the Mediterranean Sea coast and stop in Hammamet, Sousse and Jerba Island. If I have time, I'll go inland before returning to Tunis from where I'll take a ferry across the Tyrrhenian Sea, probably into Napoli, Italy. I'll spend a week working my way up the coast to the Vatican and Rome, and then I'll fly back home to Saratoga. I hope you'll enjoy my musings and photographs. Below, the beautiful entrance to Miles City, Montana.

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Whitney said...


What a thrill to share in your travels and thoughts! Your photos & stories of Montana remind me of my family and the land in Oklahoma and Texas. Rodeos, cow skulls, open land, funky neon signs, BBQ. When I went to Spain years ago and first saw a bullfight, I gained an appreciation for rodeos. Those rodeo guys & gals, I think, are much more brave than bullfighters. No pack of picadors to weaken the bull, rather a clown or two to distract that bull if they're lucky.

Thank you for the vicarious experience! I'll keep reading.