Sunday, May 25, 2008

I arrived in Kuwait, Bill in MC

Hello from Kuwait City!
Today is Monday at 7:00 AM. (I have to reset the clock on my laptop, will do so later tonight when I have more time to write a longer message.)
A 24 hour trip, but I arrived last night feeling fine. My one suitcase remained in Paris (a wish for shopping?), and it won't be delivered until Wednesday, so at the airport in Kuwait I had to buy toothpaste, toopthbrush, and I was so thrilled to find the cream I use (which I get from New Zealand; I hadn't seen it anywhere else), and I now have two new outfits.

So, now in this quick posting I just wanted to tell you that I left Miles City on Thursday and on Saturday President Bill Clinton spoke in the high school auditorium. George went and took these pictures with his mobile phone.

Here's what George wrote to me in an email.
"The Saturday Bill Clinton event was excellent. It was a full crowd [about 1,000 people--there are only 8,000 people in the entire Miles City].
He gave a very nice speech - about fifty minutes with no notes. It
was especially interesting because of the breadth of what he covered
and the huge number of statistics and numbers that he had at his
command and was able to quickly rattle off. It was well organized,
easy to follow, personalized to the audience and at times adroitly
phrased to avoid any local sensitivities while at other times directly
addressing issues that might be of a local concern. He claims that
Hillary's rural support and success has been the best of all the
candidates and rattled off a number of supporting statistics."

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