Friday, June 6, 2008


Friday 9:30 PM
Today I walked a while to take two trains and then a two-hour bus ride to get to a town called Nabeul, the ceramic center of Tunisia--ceramics very much influenced by Andalusian immigrants! Every Friday there is a huge buzzing market. I strolled the very long souq at Rues Farhat Hached and el-Arbi Zarrouk: it was filled with throngs and throngs of people from everywhere. Look at this picture of such a colorful display of dishes!
More text tomorrow... now I'm about to curl in with Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamarr's 1938 film Algiers.
Wow, that movie's filled with stereotypes! I'm sure I must have watched it before, probably when I was a kid, but I just don't remember it. Hedy Lamarr's character is a bit of a vamp, and Charles Boyer's rather empty-headed. And the kasbah is represented as a dark evil place. The Algerians, needless to say, are represented as one-dimensional buffoons who lurk and deceive and there are strange versions of Andalusian gypsy women who get mistreated and react like kicked dogs who lick their masters. Disturbing.
Anyway, here are some pictures...
The bus station on Habib Thameur. I took the "confort" bus, slightly more expensive (about $4.00 from Tunis), but airconditioned, clean and uncrowded.
This bowl of oranges sculpture sits right in the middle of the street.
Right next to the bowl of oranges, in the middle of the street, there is also a pretty little house (I don't know what it's for).
One of the many mosques in this city of 57,000 people; Tunisia is developing into a country of cyclists:

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